dad UGH youre embarrasing me


dad UGH youre embarrasing me

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  • sasuke: what i'm after... is revolution
  • naruto: well have you planned out what to do after revolution
  • sasuke: what
  • sakura: yeah, after all, it'd be reckless to believe that just knocking down the existing structures would fix everything
  • sasuke: what
  • kakashi: that's right. the economic/political structures through the various villages right now are pretty hard-wired, and to change them for the better, certainly, the first step is doing away with the old, but if you don't have any steps afterwards, you're likely looking at the same old kind of powers rising up and taking control.
  • sasuke: what
  • naruto: so if we're going to go ahead with this revolution we also need to make sure that, beyond just killing the five kages, we tear down other capitalist structures underneath their reign and replace them with a system that uses resources and abilities - of which we seem to have almost no limit to, considering our own sizable skill with jutsus that allows us to move mountains themselves, our generate massive amounts of electrical power, for just a few examples - and put them to work making sure everyone is fed, sheltered, and has what they need.
  • sasuke: what
  • sakura: which isn't to say we can just stop there. there are other oppressive structures at work, not limited to just capital and how it is used and who it is put in the hands of, but multiple axes of power in general, as brought on by how history has been structured and the narratives given to us by both those in power and society as a whole, and working to remove those should also be part of our goal.
  • sasuke: what
  • kakashi: correct. now, if you'll look at this scroll here, i've started writing some theories on how, after revolution, we can use our jutsus, both as individuals and as a collective, to keep food production intact and distribute it to absolutely everyone
  • sasuke: i just
  • sasuke: i was just thinking i'd kill the five kages
  • naruto: well that seems very short sighted of you


I think any Naruto and/or yaoi fan needs to appreciate this beautiful moment from the live Naruto Nippon Event with Junko Takeuchi (Naruto), Inoue Kazuhiko (Kakashi) and Noriaki Sugiyama (Sasuke). The fangirl screams say it all. :3

Naruto: Anyway, for today, let’s introduce the first postcard. Acadamy Student from Kyoto, Wantanmaru-san, thanks for the mail!

Sasuke & Kakashi: Thanks for the mail!

Naruto: "It seems this year’s buzzword has been "Chou kimochi ii" (it feels so good). I wonder what this would sound like if all the characters say this. Please try it!” Ah, well. We’ll have to do it. Okay! Naruto first.

Sasuke: Okay.

Naruto: I’m doing it as Naruto. Phew. Here I go… CHOU! KIMOCHI II!

Kakashi: That was so Naruto-ish!

Naruto: Did I sound like him?

Kakashi: You did! You sounded exactly like him!

Sasuke: "Sounded like him"?

Naruto: Next, then! You gonna do it, Sugiyama-kun?

Sasuke: Okay! Oh, do I just say it?

Naruto: Yep.

Sasuke: Chou kimochi ii.

Naruto: That sounded so dirty! It’s still morning!

Kakashi: It’s like a bad comedy show.

Sasuke: Well, it’s only dirty if you think of it that way!

Naruto: True…

Sasuke: Like, maybe he’s having a foot massage! Or a shoulder massage.

Naruto: That just makes it sound even dirtier! Don’t worry, though. It’s just a radio show, not an official line. Now, finally, Kazuhiko-san.

Kakashi: As Kakashi? Chou… Kimochi ii…


Sasuke: Didn’t his sound dirtier than mine?!

Naruto: Was that Kakashi-sensei just now?

Kakashi: That was me— I mean, that was Kakashi, yeah!

Sasuke: You said “me”!

Naruto: See? SEE?!

Kakashi: Kakashi?

Naruto: Kakashi, one more time, please.

Kakashi: Chou kimochi ii ze.

Naruto: Oh, yeah! That sounded so much like him!

Sasuke: "Sounded like…?"

Kakashi: I did! Great. I haven’t been voicing him much lately.

Sasuke: Don’t say that.

Naruto: Anyways! The buzzword for this year.

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- Octavian said you killed a man.
- Yes. I did.
- A good man.
- A very good man. The best man I’ve ever known.

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In 60 years
  • grandchild: grandma why are you so bitter??
  • me: *takes a swig of vodka*
  • me: *lights up cuban cigar*
  • me: *gazes out the window*
  • me: my otp will never be canon
  • *roll credits*

because if falling for you is crazy
then I’m going out of my mind
so hold back your tears this time

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Hotarubi no Mori e :33

Appear annnnnnnd pose!

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Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club
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Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

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